Parish Magazine printing for churches.

The parish magazine is quintessentially an English product. It sits alongside the village pub, the local pond, cricket on the Green and ITV’s Midsomer Murder. It’s part of the tradition of the English countryside.

Right from the very start, Imprint Colour was approached by local churches to print their Parish Magazines. We started locally and now print Parish Newsletters for churches up and down the UK. Many of the magazines we have been printing for decades. Our customers know we will produce a quality booklet at a competitive price and deliver it on time.

Now many are changing from black and white on copier paper, to publications that are full colour on gloss or silk paper. Advertisers are keen to have colour now too. Some are sold to subscribers and in local shops and pubs. We print some Parish Publications that are given out to every house in the village free of charge. The cost of production is covered by local businesses advertising their services directly to readers.

The Parish Magazine is an essential tool allowing local churches, charities and volunteer groups to publish their activities to the local community. For those that are housebound or don’t have the internet, this can be a vital link with their town or village.

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